Happy Monday all. Today’s #MerchMonday post is for Arizona’s finest, (and personal faves), Jimmy Eat World – a band I have both listened to and adored since my teens. So yeah, today I’m sporting this lovely shirt which I picked up last year for my ever-growing collection.

I recently got a Sonos One speaker, and figured what better way to test its sound quality than by listening to an album I’ve already listened to hundreds of times, right? So of course, I went straight for Bleed American, my go-to Jimmy Eat World album.

Probably the most well known record in their discography, after its hugely successful release in 2001, it helped the band hit mainstream popularity. Even now, almost 18 years after release, every time Salt Sweat Sugar kicks in, I am instantly reminded just how much I love this album. Full of songs that make you want to dance, sing, cry… And emotionally charged lyrics which somehow feel like they were written for you – it’s clear why this album turned them into a household name in alternative rock.

This and Futures in particular were records which had a huge influence on me as a teenager, and I have a big emotional attachment to them still to this day. They’re incredibly special to me, like a lot of music I listened to whilst growing up – but these two in particular continue to bring meaning even in my thirties. No matter where I am in life or what I’m doing, Jimmy Eat World will forever feel like home. A little like an old friend, no matter how long it may have been since you last caught up, it still feels just like yesterday.

Jimmy are also an absolute pleasure to see live. Whether it’s a festival set or a headline show, they never fail to disappoint, and whatever venue I’ve seen them in they sound brilliant. If you’ve not yet had the chance to see them, I highly recommend catching their next tour if you can. Hopefully they’ll be back out on the road soon, but if you can’t wait they’re playing in London at Gunnersville festival in September, supporting You Me At Six.

Now in their 26th year together with nine studio albums, they’ve got an impressive collection of chart topping singles and underrated album tracks too. I’ve put together a “best of” playlist, if anyone’s interested in hearing a selection of my favourites.
Rumour has it they’ve also just finished recording their tenth album too, so if they’re following their normal three year cycle, hopefully that means we’ll be getting some new music soon…

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