Hi. My name is Laura, I’m thirty and live in London. I sadly have no musical talent of my own (despite an undying love of karaoke), but music has always been a big part of my life and has very much shaped who I am today.

I’m at gigs as much as possible, if one of my favourite bands are in town you’ll no doubt find me there. I’m rarely seen without my headphones on and still spend all my money on band merch too, which is probably why I’ve not been able to save a house deposit yet.

I mainly listen to what you would consider pop punk / punk rock, but I think these days genre-specific labels are becoming less important, and everything is a lot more fluid and less defined. Sometimes I’m in more of a hardcore mood, or fancy listening to a bit of ska… Other days I’m full on New Found Glory. Going through my teens in the heyday of Myspace though, many of the bands of the early-mid 00s will forever be close to my heart.

I’ve created this space to share my own personal love of music – everything from gig and album reviews, industry news and playlists… To me just sharing my own personal thoughts and experiences with music throughout the years.